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My internet access at home is banjaxed, so I apologise if I don’t reply to emails or blog much for a while! In the process of trying to get it fixed, no idea whats wrong. Anywho. Just so you know!

4 thoughts on “Banjaxed

  1. ha ha i love norn iron expressions! Banjaxed means it completely and utterly broken with a bleak outlook for it working in the immediate future ha ha ha but with the assurance that it will be fixed in the near future 😀

  2. great word, I will add it to my lexicon and tell a man hear I am teaching the slang of the UK, from West London to Glasgow, to good old NI.
    sorry i never got to see your photos, ran out of time, my last 48 hours in the UK were crazy crazy crazy. It’s insane to think that was almost a month ago…. anyway hope you’re enjoying the summer, look forward to hearing about your adventures in the future! xx

  3. Woop my internet is fixed! The ADSL modem went wonky after the thunder and lightning made the electricity cut out… Tiscali finally sent me a new one out which arrived this morning. Wonderful… I’m back!

    Jenni… no worries about not making the exhibition… can’t believe it ends soon! Look forward to seeing you after summer!

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