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Some new pictures up on my Flickr… plan to start putting more up, maybe put up some old ones I’ve got as well. There are a few from the e.s.t. gig the other night up now.

Life is pretty busy right now… I got a new job… althought wondering how long I will be able to stay!! Gotta give it a try at least.

I’m getting baptised on Monday evening! Excited about that, and my folks are going to be over for it as well which is cool. More details later.

6 thoughts on “Life

  1. Wow!!! Go girl. Really delighted to hear about your baptism on monday.we will be praying for you, so cool that your mum and dad are going to be over too. i really hope it is an amazing time for you. please please please let trev and i know how it all goes. can’t wait to hear. God bless, em:)

  2. that’s so nice you’re being baptized. . i’ve never done that. Ppl in the Salvation Army don’t baptize or take communion. . . but i think they’re both pretty awesome symbolic things to do. .

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