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A Little Ugh

I haven’t posted in several days… how come? Hm.

I am sick at the minute. Fighting off a cold/flu-type thing… this morning I was sitting in lectures and actually thought I was going to cough my lungs up! Not a good feeling.

There is currently a week of 24/7 prayer going on here in Glasgow, a guy from Strathclyde Uni (I think!) organised it. I’m heading down for some time later on tonight. Hopefully be good to get back into a prayer room and just be with God there.

I may also go to Aberdeen this weekend. I haven’t decided yet.

So that is a recent-happenings update from me. How about you?

6 thoughts on “A Little Ugh

  1. Hi Emma,
    Just had a look at your blog and thought I would drop you a line. Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling too well. Take care and get lots of vitamin c into you! Would love to hear all about uni. Enjoy the 24/7 prayer. God Bless, Em 🙂

  2. Ooo… I’m sorry to hear that you’re sick!!! I really hope you get better soon! Hmm what about me? Well, right now I’m really trying to get a bible study started at my school. Not working out as well as I had hoped, but I’m working on it. And praying.

  3. grrrrrr damn cold!!! i been bitch slapping it with vit c for days but my head is still like a sponge ball……………..feels like im floating around!!

  4. Great to hear from you Em! Will be back in Ireland in a few weeks, maybe get a chance to call round and say hi! Hope all’s well.
    Kat… hope working gets better, cos living for the weekends isnt all life should be about!

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