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Cultural malarkay

Sorry for the lack of postage over the last few days, been keeping myself busy over here! Thursday morning (wow thats only yesterday, feels like longer ago) I had to enrol at university at 9am, so I spent a few hours down around campus (my halls are a 20/25 min walk away) to have a nosy and see where things where. While I was doing this I stumbled into the Hunterian Art Gallery, and actually suprised myself by how much I enjoyed it! There was a sneak preview of a ‘dramatic monologue’ on which I caught, entitled ‘When The Moon Was Overhead.’ It is about the art/life of Francis Macdonald McNair, and was really good actually! If you’re in the Glasgow area I recommend you check it out, being performed at the Hunterian on Sundays at 3pm.

I also discovered how much I love the art of James McNeill Whistler. You’ve possibly heard of his most famous painting (I think) entitled ‘Whistler’s Mother’ (as featured in Mr Bean, of all places). They have quite a lot of his work in the Hunterian, so it was really cool to walk around and see some stuff I’d never seen before. Quite chauffed that I’m enjoying the more ‘cultural’ side of Glasgow as well.

Right I really should head off to bed here, keeping the most ridiculous hours these days! Goodnight all…

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