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One last post before we head off… getting a train at 7.35am to kick off the journey! Posted our itinerary below so you can track with us. I should have plenty of net access Stateside anyway so will most likely blog a few times when we are away. Off we go!!

Tues 1st Aug: Travel out
Wed 2nd Aug: 1st Baptist Church Sycamore
Thurs 3rd Aug: Willow Creek Community Church
Fri 4th Aug: Orchard Valley Community Church
Sat 5ht Aug: Harvest Bible Chapel (& Evening service)
Sun 6th Aug: 1st Baptist Church Sycamore (& Extreme Connections)
Mon 7th Aug: Jesus People USA
Tues 8th Aug: Rest Day
Wed 9th Aug: Move to Willow’s Global Hospitality
Thurs 10th Aug: Leadership Summit
Fri 11th Aug: Leadership Summit
Sat 12th Aug: Leadership Summit
Sun 13th Aug: Service at Willow & travel back to Sycamore
Mon 14th Aug: Leave for home
Tues 15th Aug: Arrive home

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  1. Saw you mentioned at Scott’s blog. It would have been great to have your team come downtown and visit Park Community Church, a church of about 1,200 20-40 year olds. Doing church in the city has its different challenges and is probably a lot like your church in Ireland (BTW — my wife and I took a year off and went around the world before kids and, being 90% Irish, enjoyed three weeks in Ireland! Hope you enjoyed Chicago — we think it is the coolest place to minsiter in all the world (of course I am biased). Check out our website at http://www.parkcommunitychurch.org

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