I haven’t posted about Africa in a while. But it’s still on my heart. Trying to figure out where to go with it, what to do with it. You know, I learnt recently a new fact I didnt know. I’ve gone on about the diseases and the poverty, preventable things that are killing so many. But this hurts me even more.

More people die in Africa every day due to hunger, than disease and war combined.

How can that be?? I am convinced that there should never be starvation in a world of surplus. What can I do to help with these? How can so many people be dying from lack of food, when we throw so much out? What can I do??

3 thoughts on “Hunger

  1. you can sign up with an organization like World Vision — when we signed a few years back to sponsor a child, we learned that they send you lots of ‘alerts’ to give you an opportunity to financially help starving ppl all over the world in different ‘hot spots’. I take advantage of those alerts to help more than just our 1 child. Also like to ‘shop’ from the World Vision gift catalogue at Christmas time. . another great way to help hungry ppl! there are online organizations were one click of the mouse will deliver a cup of grain per person (companies sponsor these sites and donate money to feed the ppl). You could also get involved at your city level with local food banks. . helping out at home as well.

  2. Sponsoring a child or sending these people food will do no good.
    It’s the capitalist governments of the western world which keep these countries in poverty as it suits them because they can then get pay them slave-labour wages to produce products from which these companies can sell to wealthy westerners for extorionate prices and at a huge profit. It’s a case of the rich making themselves richer whilst keeping the poor, poor. Unfortunately, our governments let big businesses get away with this, mainly because the governments are funded by the same businesses.

    Revolution is the answer!

  3. Yep, revolution… but change starts in me. The revolution starts with me. I cannot use the failings of governments as an excuse for my inactivity. Someone once said “Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.” I refuse to be a part of that. I must do something, anything, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. I MUST act.

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