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4 Jobs You Have Had in Your Life

1. Sales assistant etc, Audio Audio (local specialist hi-fi shop)
2. Waitress, Skandia Resturant
3. Waitress, Upper Room

4 Movies You Would Watch Over and Over

1. The Matrix (original one!)
2. A Beautiful Mind
3. Fern Gully
4. The Constant Gardener

4 Places You Have Lived

1. Where i was born
2. Where i live now (about 3 miles from where i was born!)

4 TV Shows You Love to Watch

1. House
2. C.S.I.
3. The Apprentice
4. Numb3rs

4 Places You Have Been on Vacation

1. New Zealand
2. America
3. Holland
4. Germany

4 Websites You Visit Daily

1. Hotmail
2. Blogger
3. Amazon
4. Apple

4 Favorite Foods

1. Pretty much any form of Italian
2. Christmas dinner… all the trimmings
3. A really nicely cooked steak
4. Pizza (yea, i know its Italian, but its good ok!!)

4 Places You Would Rather Be Right Now

1. New Zealand
2. Waterstones
3. The Wash Basin
4. Delft

4 People You Tag to complete this

1. Ally (thats it!)

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  1. the constant gardener was well done. . same with Matrix loved that first one. the second was a bit tawdry and i never saw the third one!

    girl, you’ve been traveling! I see we’ve both been to Holland and Germany. . what parts have you seen?

  2. I LOVE travelling! Would do more if only i had the money…

    I have relatives in Los Angeles, California, so I’ve been there twice to visit them. Saw a bit of that area generally – San Fransisco, San Jose, those kind of places.

    Currently planning summer 06, which may include trips to Chicago, and Washington DC.

    Holland – was in Delft for a week on my Exodus team in summer 05, loved it, was so beautiful. Saw a wee bit of Amsterdam, but was only there for a day.

    Germany – was there in summer 2003. Stayed in Offenburg, which wasnt too far from the French border. Took a train to Strasbourg for a day and it was only about 40 mins.

    Ahhh i’ve got the itch to go travelling right NOW! lol. Guess I’ll have to wait till the summer…

  3. i love traveling too! In Holland i visited Arnhem, Amsterdam, Goes, Enschede, Groesbeek, Treebeek — in Germany visited Solingen, Koln, Geilenkirchen . . even got to the visit the NATO base and have lunch in the officer’s mess!

    i would totally do more if i had more $$$$ Its so fun!

  4. ooohh oohh!! come to australia too! just trying this. um. hope it works. but thanks for the emails hun, your a star, lol, id be a mess without you to talk to. and ill reply soon too. love and hugs
    shelly xoxox

  5. hee hee, it worked! (oh, you noticed too?) mmmhhhmmm loving that i can read up whats going on in your life way over there. so have a good day, God bless.

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