Lightbulb ministry…

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When we were in Holland the main thing we were involved in was an outreach with the church called Lightbulb ministry. (Just realised I’ve never said what the church was called! It’s Living Water. You can check it out an www.levendwater.nl) This was basically us going around the doors of a local area called Tanthof, giving out free lightbulbs.

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The neighbourhood of Tanthof has a population of 60,000 people – roughly 10% of Delfts population – and there is no church there at all! We were not necessarily going out to get long , God conversations with people, but simply to touch them with the love of God. Over two days we gave out about 1100 lightbulbs, and had some awesome conversations. One lady even came to church!

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We got to keep our funky tee-shirts too – Ist er licht in uw huis?

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