Turn your gaze
To Heaven and raise
A joyous noise
The sound of salvation come
The sound of rescued ones
And all this for a king
Angels join to sing
‘All for Christ our King!’

Ohh praise Him!
Ohh praise Him!
He is Holy!
He is Holy!

God is amazing.

I forget that far too easily. This past week God has just blown me away again. I foget how big and how powerful and how far beyond my imagination He really is.

One Way was incredible… God really moved in school and just touched people with His love. I am so blessed to have been a part of it. Thank you Jesus. Watching Thursday evening unfold was just stunning – after Mitch spoke and the band started playing again, people who had made or wanted to make committments to Jesus started to move out of the main hall, into a different room to talk to someone. I dont think I have ever seen a more beautiful sight… kids (i say kids, theyre not that much younger than me) getting out of their seats in droves… Jesus thank you!

I cried.

“The sound of salvation come, The sound of rescued ones.”

I actually just stood at the back for a short time, and cried. Words don’t do it justice. Jesus reclaimed some ground that was lost. And now all I can do is stand back in awe, and sing, Ohh Praise Him!


I should post something now. But i’m tired. One Way was amazing last week. And I was away with my Exodus team at the weekend. So I’ll post some other day, soon. I promise.

One Way

Look what we’re doing in school this week…

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

You can find some more info and pictures here.

Ah ah ah

My eyes hurt today.

I was going to post that rather profound statement earlier, but alas, the school computer system decided not to let me on to the wordpress site. Much sorrow. I had been pleasantly suprised to be allowed on the site the other day to post, as usually the C2K network blocks blog sites, and then today… what?? Not letting me on??

So, randomness eh?! Tis fun. I took some pictures this morning of the snow etc round my house, which I was going to post, but I cant be bothered to go get my camera right now, so I think it shall wait until tomorrow!

Have a fun night kids!