6 thoughts on “Balanced & Skewed

  1. very much depends what you mean…

    Balanced in our views, our time management, our heads, our hearts, our direction? then yes, balanced… but not too balanced. I believe we should always have flexibility in our lives and schedules.

    Skewed towards love, towards God… mais oui…

    In true fluffy Holly style I’m going to say both… 😉

    Look at me procrastinating…

  2. Balance in life is quite relative. The right balance could be highly skewed. Of course, from another person’s perspective, what is skewed for you is decidedly not so to them. My point being that the word balance conjures up an image of things done in equal measure. What I believe it’s about is simply getting things in the right measures – so it may well look very skewed for some people.

    So what’s the point of balance? Is it to keep one mentally sane? Is it to keep one spiritually on track in terms of direction, action and strength? Is it to etc? I think it can be best summed as follows:
    The perfect balance facilitates optimal efficiency and maximum effectiveness directed towards the things that matter most (remembering that things are interdependent).

    That’s a long way of saying that Jesus seemed to encourage us to live lives of as perfect balance as we possibly can. It just so happens that (totally depending on your perspective) it’s an incredibly skewed balance.

  3. I’m glad everyone’s on the same wavelength here. I did a post on balance a little while ago…and this is what I was getting at (though I think you and your commenters have said it better)…especially :

    “Jesus seemed to encourage us to live lives of as perfect balance as we possibly can. It just so happens that (totally depending on your perspective) it’s an incredibly skewed balance.”

    I love that!

  4. Thanks for chipping in guys… I didn’t have any specific answer I was angling for, just thinking aloud with you. The question was sparked in part by a podcast I listened to recently. The speaker made a comment about ‘healthy people’ – people want a 9-5 job, where they go home after a day’s work, switch off, and spend time with their wife & kids; that not everyone wakes up in the morning and wants to change the world. It prompted a question in my heart about the people who make an impact on the world; about the shape of their lives. Are they balanced or skewed?

    Again, I have no specific answer I’m pushing to, merely thinking aloud. You guys have made some fantastic comments, thanks!

  5. I always kinda presumed that most people would like to change the world. I guess that thought remains just there and no further for most people. Or maybe people settle for changing a smaller part of the world. Like when I was put in charge of 800 kingdoms (people’s accounts) from an alliance in some big internet game many years ago. I may not have been changing the world, but I had influence and power over something big in my world.
    –I know wanting to change the world isn’t usually primarily about influence and power, but it’s presumably the chance to order your world in the way you believe is best.–

    So anyway, I think some people happen to be more outwardly focused and ambitious. The ones who truly go for that will probably have a specially wide variety of unusual balancings in their lives. That’s just a guess though. I say it because… well, when you have something that you believe in and you go for it – suddenly everything else begins to rotate around that and is subservient or perhaps just inferior to it (sort of).

    All of that is preamble for the following which I just thought of:

    Once you have defined your priorities, your life will be very likely to skew in favour of those. So if your no.1 priority is money (for yourself and your family) and no.2 priority is spending time with your family, then your life will probably skew drastically in that direction. If you want to change the world… well, your life will look a bit different. It might not be a bigger skew – it just might look very different.

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