Social Justice

Scottish & Global Perspectives

John Ferguson (SEPA) shared some thoughts in one of the afternoon plenary sessions on Saturday.

  • The earth as the womb of God (this was quoted from earlier in the day – can’t remember who said it initially).
  • Adaptation should build resilience.

Addressing the causes:

  1. Sustainable consumption & production.
    • EU SCP action plan
    • The story of stuff
    • We need to consume less!
  2. Energy
    • Decarbonise energy eg renewables & cleaner technologies
    • Reduced energy use
  3. Waste less
    • 4R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle, recover
    • Zero waste goal
    • The landfill vs incineration debate
  4. Food waste
    • £420 per annul per family wasted = taking 1 in 5 cars off the road.
  5. Develop new solutions to how we live (environmental technology sector)
    • Space-based solar reflectors?!
  6. Innovate!

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