Team Weekend

I spent the weekend out in Paisley with our Exodus team… much fun! We had a lot of time to just chill out and get to know each other.

On Saturday we helped Davy out on the streets of Paisley town center, giving out free ballons, sweets and drinks. Davy and his wife Ann are in the process of planting Paisley Vineyard, so we offered to help them out Saturday. I’m not sure who had more fun… us giving away the stuff or the people receiving it! I for one loved it.

We spent some time praying and sharing together as a team on Saturday night, along with Reuben (our main prayer partner) who came to join us for the evening/Sunday. Sunday included a visit to Paisley Elim church… a very welcoming place. When members come to talk to you as a visitor, it actually feels like they really want to talk to you! Which is a lovely feeling.


A wee gift we had in our rooms when we arrived… yummy scones!


Team bonding… Twister style!

Pretty knackered after all that… I’m off to bed…!

6 thoughts on “Team Weekend

  1. aw…thanks. yea – it’s been incredible being able to watch God working in so many different ways!

    twister sounds amazing…have not played that in so long! it’s very good for team bonding….maybe even too much…! lol.

    phil logan is actually the funniest person i’ve met in a long time….altho….it takes me a while to figure out whether or not he’s being funny or being serious! amazing wee guy!

    hope you’re keeping well….miss you xx

  2. Miss you too dickinson… come see me soon! Twister works wonders for team bonding… oh my I have so many pictures… that one was the most shareable lol!!

  3. Hi Emma,

    I’m the pastor of Elim Christian Fellowship in Paisley. Someone sent me your blog. Just to say that your comments about the church have been an encouragement to us. Can I have your permission to copy them on this Sunday’s church newsletter? Please let me know.

    Hope all goes well with end of term exams!


    Tom Paton

  4. Hi Tom, of course you can use my comments! Thanks so much for making us feel so welcome that Sunday, it was a pleasure to be with you. Intrigued by who sent you the link I must admit!

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