I keep coming back to this phrase these days… misfits.

In so many ways God keeps leading me back to it. Through conversations with friends, via blog posts, and so on. During Scott’s and Dan’s recent trip to Thailand, they visited NewSong Bangkok. Scott writes:

I came to find out that their main focus is in connecting with what they refer to as “misfits” – or the “third culture” – which, according to their website, “describes a person who can move in and out of different cultures, and build relationships with people who are different from them.

I love this description. I really believe God has given me some form of gifting in terms of relationships and networking. Right now I’m not sure how to use that, but I love NewSongs description of the misfits… I want to be that kind of person.

On NewSongs website they describe their dream of “creating community for misfits“…

Our dream is to create sanctuaries for people who feel marginalized, left out, beaten down, and voiceless to find real relationships.

This resonates with me so much right now. Maybe it will become my dream.

4 thoughts on “Misfit

  1. hum… thought provoking.
    sounds like a reflection of the awesome son of God- He was able to relate to ALL – the super-religious, the marginalised, the hated, the weak, the outcastes…

  2. I love being a misfit for God. In todays society if you don’t “fit in” you are a misfit, kind of funny how the name works. I don’t want to “fit in” to societies standard of who I am supposed to be. I want to fit into a model of a man Jesus says I should be. This coincidentally enough the opposite of what society says we are supposed to be, self-centered, self-loving, narrow minded, self-guided, “cool”, society exceling…robots. Not real fun sounding when you think of it that way. Also the American Idol thing I told you about is a great example of how society treats people and not how Jesus does. Later lady.

  3. Hmmmm.,,got me thinking on this one. I love the definition of moving in and out of cultures and building relationships with people who are different than them….that’s what I want and maybe am able to do a bit….hmmmm. great post

  4. Shawn, I loved that story you shared about American Idol… I think you should post it on your blog, is such an inspiring story in many ways.

    I guess I agree with you guys in that its a reflection of Jesus’ character, but I do feel like some people are able to do it more easily or naturally than others… I think this is the angle I’m coming from. I feel like I can this quite easily. Hm, not sure where I was going with this… just, it’s really working on me!

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