5 thoughts on “Greek To Me

  1. We Canadians learn ZED in school, so ZED it is. *heh heh. . of course i’m teasing, but zee, zed. . same letter! interesting, eh? I wonder who initially decided on how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet? *

  2. I’m not interested who “originally” pronounced the letter “Z”. I am sure the it may have been ZED to start with, but it was corrected to ZEE. I am just making a point to Emma, that’s It’s ZEE not ZED. No other good reason than to give her a hard time.

  3. No way little lady, It’s definantly realiZ(EE)ation. and it’s color not colour, and shop, not shoppe, and flavor, not flavour…I win you loose, whatcha got, huh? huh? This is fun.

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