Nameless Heroes Rising

What have we begun?
Here we see angels,
burning like the sun.
Here we juggle destinies –
what is this thing we’ve done?
What army gets commissioned
kneeling in this way?
What passion finds expression
when wounded soldiers pray?
Are nameless heroes rising?

Tomorrow’s choosen ones,
carriers of Jesus,
what plague have we begun?
What dreamer writes upon the wall?

[Found on a prayer room wall]

What are the ‘walls’ in postmodern/postchristian/whatever-they-are-now-calling-it culture? Websites? Blogs? Music? Film?

Who are today’s dreamers, stirring up the church?

3 thoughts on “Nameless Heroes Rising

  1. I know that one of the most important things we can understand is to appreciate what we already have
    what we already have as a person and as a Christian and as a Church.
    So here is a message for the Church – THIS IS IT – So wake up and stop dreaming.

  2. hmm, i heard bono described as a modern day prophet. he inspires people, maybe has a little bit of an interesting way of life but gets us chatting and says bold things.. he’s on the outskirts sometimes. i wonder if people that stir us up ought to be on the outskirts because sometimes it’s leaders that don’t challenge us or we feel we can’t challenge ourselves. a voice in the wilderness… have you heard someone going against the grain lately? they might be wrong completely, but we should still listen because to be stirred up even in disagreeing with someone is better than stagnating or forgetting to think…. it’s people who kneel in prayer that stir up the church, those that are in tune with God that cause us to shake ourselves and be in line with Him, not awash with everything else

  3. I have huge respect for Bono… i read recently where someone commented:
    ‘Jesus says that if the Christians remain silent, then the rocks will cry… or the rock stars, I guess.’

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