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Been off school sick today… man it sucks! I hate being off sick. Lay all day, and watched some pathetic daytime TV… man who puts this stuff on TV?? So as you can possibly imagine, I am suitably bored.

4 thoughts on “Sick

  1. yea… hmm, for now anyway. need the money so prob will keep working there… but its just no fun anymore, don’t have time for anything except work. Like, you dont have time to speak to people like we used to, or anything like that. grr! off school again today… more daytime TV woohoo… not.

  2. poor sick girl! feel better soon, hon!!!

    daytime tv IS crap!!! i’m just recovering from a lovely spell of some strange virus. . it was fast and furious. . thank God its gone!!!

  3. hope you are feeling much better now sweetie. hhhhmmm… think im getting something though! well, i will be letting you know whats up soon… only a few days till the YITS adventure begins!! and ive been doing a lot of remembering those canoeing days… good times, good times. xox

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